Halloween Makeup Sugar skull Tutorial


1Step 0 – Contact lenses (optional)

I have dark brown eyes, so I wanted to change my eye colour to fit the blue colouring of the sugar skull.

I went to my regular optician and got a pair of prescription contacts. Please contact your optician before doing the same to be sure that they are suited for you.





Step 1 – Laying the base

First you need to conceal your eyebrows. I used a glue stick (like the one you would use for paper crafts – make sure it’s non-toxic) to make my eyebrows lie flat. It might take a few layers with finishing powder in between. Apply concealer on top.

Once the eyebrows are concealed, apply foundation and concealer to the rest of the face. Feel free to go a shade lighter and apply more than you usually would on a regular day. There is no need to apply foundation to the eye region as it will be covered in black soon enough. Set the foundation with a light covering of powder.



Step 2 – Contouring the face

The contouring is divided into two steps, but if you prefer to do it all in one go, you can go ahead and do so.

With a dark blue eyeshadow (M.A.C. Deep Truth Eyeshadow) I contoured around my face and blended it well.




Step 3 – Tracing the eye sockets

Using a black eyeliner place dots around the eye socket. I started just above the eyebrows to make sure they were hidden.






Step 4 – Colouring the eye sockets

Using a black long-lasting cream or gel eyeshadow (I used Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in 60-Timeless Black) to colour in and perfect the eye socket. Feel free to correct and perfect with a black eyeliner if you need to. Set the eyeshadow in place with a black eyeshadow.





Step 5 – Adding blue to the eyes

Using the blue eyeshadow again, apply the blue eyeshadow on the eyelid and blend with the black shadow.






Step 6 – Applying crystals to eye socket

This step will take some time, so take it easy and be patient. Put some eyelash adhesive (I used Duo Lash Adhesive) on the back of your hand or on a piece of aluminium foil. Using a pair of tweezers pick up one crystal at a time and dip the back of the crystal carefully into the adhesive. Place the crystals one by one alternating between light blue and dark blue until you have a ring around each eye socket. Let it dry.




Step 7 – Applying eyelashes

Apply a coat of black mascara and let it dry. Then apply some dramatic fake lashes. Let them dry while continuing to the next step.



Halloween Makeup Sugar Skull Tutorial - Step 8 by feedingmyvintageaddiction.wordpress.com



Step 8 – Contouring and highlighting

Using the blue eyeshadow contour under your cheekbones. Apply highlighter on you cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose and the middle of your forehead.






Step 9 – Painting the nose

Make dots with a black eyeliner to create a guideline for the nose and draw the lines in. Paint the nose black with the cream/gel eyeshadow and set it with a black powder eyeshadow.





Step 10 – Drawing swirls

Using a blue eyeliner start with making guide dots and then draw the swirls. Set it with blue powder eyeshadow.







Step 11 – Applying crystals

Apply crystals to the swirls and leaves in the same manner as step 6, but this time using only dark blue crystals and two silver heart shaped one on the forehead.





Step 12 version 1 – Lipstick

You can complete the look with this step for a scary but pretty look or you can skip this step and go to the next for a full on scary look. I used this option, as it was easier to maintain during the evening/night. This step is basically applying a nude lipstick to the lips.





Step 12 version 2 – Drawing teeth

If you want to go for full on scary, take a gel liner and draw a line to widen your mouth and add vertical lines to make it look like teeth.






My finished result

This is what it looked like in the end. Feel free to post pictures of your sugar skull makeup in the comment if you have used this tutorial.

The black roses in my hair I made using this great youtube tutorial by Your Artistic Online Friend.

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