Update: My Hysterectomy Story

It’s been about six months since my hysterectomy and I have a small update on the progress.

If you haven’t read the original post on the subject, you can find it here.

I went to a check on Friday because i have been spotting regularly every 3-4 weeks for the past few month. And since that is not supposed to happen after a hysterectomy I have had an MRI and some checks at the gynecologist and the endometriosis clinic at my local hospital the past 2 months.
It turns out that I have a very small piece on endometriosis tissue at the top of my cervix. It’s very tiny and you can really see it during a pelvic exam. But it’s enough to cause a tiny amount of bleeding every month.

So on Friday I went to get the verdict from the nice doctor from the endometriosis clinic. He said that he thought it was best to leave it alone unless it was causing me pain or the bleeding got worse.  So for now we will just leave it where it is. It’s not causing me discomfort or pain and as long as I know that it won’t cause any harm where it is, I’m fine with it staying put.

Otherwise my scars are healing nicely and are getting better month by month. Despite the spotting everything has progressed well and I’m very happy with my decision to get the hysterectomy, it has immensely improved my quality of life.

I will write an update if there is any changes, but for now everything is fine. 

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