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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet is a different kind of liquid lipstick compared to your standard liquid lipstick.

The packaging

The shape og the packaging is a rounded rectangle. It feels sleek and stacks nicely next to one another in my lipstick box. The top is the same color as the individual lipstick shades. It makes it easy to grab the right shade in a hurry. It comes with a doe foot applicator.


I have four shades to swatch for you:

03 Hot pepper – Bright chili pepper red
07 Nude-ist – Rosy nude
10 Don’t pink of it!
 – Pink nude
14 Plum Plum Girl– Deep plum


 03 Hot pepper

Like the name says a bright chili pepper red. Hot and spicy and not for the shy. A perfect shade all year round for a bold lip look.

This formula is not at creamy and mousse like as the others. It’s more of a gel and it is not as opaque. On it’s own it is very sheer, so a matching lipliner is recommended.


Left: Bourjois Lèvres Contour Edition Lipliner in 06 Tout rouge  Right: Lipliner and 03 Hot pepper

07 Nude-ist

A lovely rosy nude. All round good shade that works with almost any look.

10 Don’t pink of it!

A pale nude pink. Perfect for a strong eye look.

14 Plum Plum Girl

The perfect autumn shade of plum. Vampy and delicious.


The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets have a mousse like texture that doesn’t completely dry down like you would expect a liquid lipstick to do. The formula feel comfortable on the lip and doesn’t make your lips feel dry unlike some other liquid lipsticks can. But because they don’t dry completely down they do transfer and don’t have the same longevity as other liquid lipstick would have.


Smudge test: Hot pepper after 30 minutes of wear

Although they have a doe foot applicator I like to apply them with a lip brush. I find that it gives me better control over where the lipstick goes and how much is deposited on my lips. I put down a thin layer first and the go over my lips with another layer. It gives a better coverage this way and the lips look plump and delicious after the second layer.

I would say that you have to be careful not to put too thick a layer of product on the lips as it can collect on the inside of your lip and look a bit icky.

With Don’t pink of it! and Nude-ist you don’t necessarily need a lipliner. I haven’t had any issues with the settling into fine lines or moving around after they have had a chance to set (15-20min). But with Hot pepper and Plum Plum Girl a matching lipliner is highly recommended as the natural lip color shows through.

But all in all it is a good formula if you don’t like the more drying types of liquid lipsticks. And at this price point it is a very good alternative you the more expensive liquid lipsticks. That said, there are other brands that do liquid lipsticks at the same price point that I think have a better formula.

This post is not sponsored. All products on the blog are paid for by myself and my opinion is 100% honest.