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Fantasy Cherry Palette

Earlier this month I saw a marketing photo of the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette. Although the palette had som nice wearable shades, it didn’t remind me of cherries, but reminded me more of autumn plum shades. I decided to shop my stash and create my own Fantasy Cherry Palette based on what I wished the Urban Decay Cherry Palette would have been. Here is what I came up with:

The pans are photoshopped into round pans of the same size to make it more cohesive. In real life they are different shapes and formulas.

  1. Urban Decay – Sin – Pale nude shimmer
  2. Makeup Geek – Frappé – Medium maple brown with a demi-matte finish
  3. Colourpop – Fortune Cookie – matte vibrant hot red
  4. Nabla – Extravirgin – Olive green shimmer
  5. Colourpop – Fooling around (Super Shock pressed pigment) – Pinky red shimmer with glitter
  6. Urban Decay – Relish – Rich warm red matte
  7. Nabla – Daphne No 2 – Burgundy with blueberry and coppery glow shimmer
  8. MAC – Embark – Intense reddish brown matte
  9. Urban Decay – Blackheart (Naked 3 palette) – smoky black matte with red micro-sparkle

Urban Decay – Sin

When I got my first Urban Decay Naked palette this was my favorite shade in the palette and I first shade I hit pan on. I loved it so much that I went out and bought a single shadow as backup. I still enjoy it and when I go traveling it often comes along in my Z-palette. For a dupe try Makeup Geek – Shimma Shimma Full review on the Urban Decay Naked Palette

Makeup Geek – Frappé

Although the description says demi-matte, I would call this one a matte shade. It has a very slight sheen, but not as much as to call it anything else but matte. It’s one of my favorite basic nudes that are a staple in my collection. Blends well. Good all rounder shade both as crease shade and for a day-to-day light smokey eye.

Colourpop – Fortune Cookie

Really pretty vibrant red with a slight neon pink undertone. It is surprisingly wearable and blends well. Great crease shade for the adventurous type.

Nabla – Extravirgin

Lovely buttery soft olive shimmer. I absolutely love the Nabla shimmer formula in their single shadows and the Nabla Dreamy palette. It’s gorgeous and vibrant and smooth as silk. Love love love. Full review on the Nabla Dreamy Palette.

Colourpop – Fooling around

Stunning red shade but not for the faint hearted. This colour means business! It’s a joy to work with and very pretty on the eyes.

Urban Decay – Relish

Lovely matte red with a slightly brown undertone. Great shade to deepen a look or used for a red smokey eye if you are feeling daring.

Nabla – Daphne No 2

We are now at the cool end of the cherry spectrum. This shade is buttery soft (as I have come to expect from Nabla single shadows. I love this as an all over lid shade blended out with Relish for a statement look, or toned down with Frappé in the crease. Full review on the Nabla Dreamy Palette.

MAC – Embark

This is my favorite dark brown shade. I don’t go on vacation without it in my Z-palette. Great for tight-lining, deepening the outer corner, or even as an eyeliner.

Urban Decay – Blackheart

It’s funny when I reviewed the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, I didn’t like this shade. I didn’t get the glitter particles and the black base scared me. But in the last few years I have become more adventurous in my makeup and ventured into more coloured looks as well as darker looks. So now I actually love Blackheart. To me it seems like a shade that takes some time to appreciate. It looks great smoked out on the lover lash line, but if you dare – try it packed on top of a glitter glue for the full impact of the red glitter. Full review on the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.

Nabla Dreamy Palette Review and Swatches

I’ve had this palette for almost a year, but I have not gotten around to writing about it yet. So now is the time to swatch and review the palette. The photos were taken back in November 2017 when the palette was new – it has seen it’s fair share of use since.

Let start with the packaging. It is stunning so pretty and well thought out. It makes by graphic designer heart jump with joy.

Both the outer sleeve and the palette itself has a night sky theme. Both are beautifully designed and an expensive feel.

The palette itself is in a sturdy cardboard box with a good sized mirror.

I’m usually the kind of person that depots with eyeshadow palettets but I haven’t done that with this one because it is so pretty.

Now let’s get to the exiting bit and review and swatch some eyeshadows (shade descriptions are from the Nabla website):


  1. Immaculate – White duochrome highlight with gold reflects. Fluid Metal.
  2. Illusion – Light-medium neutral brown. Super Matte.
  3. Vanitas – Peachy-pink duochrome with golden reflects. Fluid Metal.
  4. Delirium – Burnt purple-brown with fuchsia, blue and purple micro-sparkles. Just Pearl.
  5. Byzantine – Intense warm pure gold. Fluid Metal.
  6. Sistina – Medium rose sienna. Super Matte.
  7. Metal Cupid – Strawberry bronze. Fluid Metal.
  8. Inception – Mauve duochrome with chestnut base and bright lilac reflects. Fluid Metal.
  9. Señorita – Intense cool-toned red. Super Matte.
  10. Rose Gold – Rose gold. Fluid Metal.
  11. Lullaby – Medium mauve. Super Matte.
  12. Dogma – Intense dark brown. Super Matte.


Beautiful, buttery soft metallic shade that is gorgeous on the skin. It reminds me of Natasha Denona Aura, which I also have, and it measures up in quality, look and feel.


The softness of the matte shades from Nabla continue to blow my mind. They are so smooth and a pleasure to work with. Good neutral brown shade for crease work or as an all over lid shade.


Perfection! That’s all I can say really. It is smooth and buttery and goes on with such intensity. It’s unapologetic metallic like I’ve rarely seen in other palettes.


This shade was the reason I bought the palette. It just spoke to me! It is a gorgeous alternative to a smokey eye for a night out. The micro-sparkles catch the light in the prettiest way.


The most expensive looking antique gold – the name is perfect for this shade. It really reminds me of Byzantine art. The ways this eyeshadow foils is amazing – the shine, the smoothness – everything is perfection!


Lovely warm crease / blending shade. It has the same smoothness as all the mattes the Nabla Dreamy palette and like all the other mattes it has great pigmentation and blendability.

Metal Cupid

Strawberry bronze is the perfect description for this palette. This the other fluid metal shades in the palette this one is smooth and in-your-face-metallic. Gorgeous!


Another stunning fluid metal shade. Very pretty duochrome effect from brown to lilac. This is a purple that you can wear to work and on a night out as well. It is versatile and beautiful and just as good as the other fluid metals in the palette.


Lovely red shade. Soft and buttery with great pigmentation. I feel like I’m repeating myself at this point. But all the shade in the Nabla Dreamy palette are amazing.

Rose Gold

Similar to Metal Cupid in look and texture, but not as berry. It’s is a true rose gold. Very pretty.


Lovely cool crease / blending shade. Same lovely quality and pigmentation as all the other mattes.


It is exactly what the description says: intense brown. Great for deepening the outer V and for tight lining. Lovely pigmentation and good blendability. 


I can’t say enough good things about this palette. It is simply amazing and I recommend it with my whole heart. The quality is amazing and compares to my (good) Natasha Denona eyeshadows.

This was my first order from Nabla and I’ve since orderen more single shadows for my collection.

And just to clarify, I bought this palette myself. No PR, just genuine love for a good eyeshadow palette.

Ladylove Custom Palette

Copenhagen pride week is upon us in August! And in honor of pride 2018 I have a 9 pan palette using eyeshadow singles from Devinah Cosmetics. It’s not your typical rainbow palette that you would expect for pride. This is is a wearable everyday palette.

This custom palette is on my wishlish, meaning I created it in photoshop, but I don’t have it in its physical form – yet! So I don’t have swatches, but here are the names and description of the shades.

Descriptions are from Devinah Cosmetics:

Promise – A deeply softened pinkish flesh toned color, great to use for transition on pink, red and purple shadows!

Ladylove – A baby pink soft enough to be delicate, yet a purplish/fuchsia undertone depending on skin type.

Liason – A fine shimmery -semi metallic, purple-reddish shade of what we would call mimics a glass of “Stella Rosa” wine! ​

Passion – A lovely cherry cola with a soft chocolate splash pigment shade!

Crush – A lightened mauve, that looks as if it has a satin finish, but yet is a subtle shimmer!

Tempt – A beautiful sheen of cool pink, that is not shimmery, but if built up, can pass as a metallic cool violety pink!

Pandora – A pastel blend of a nude plum!

Willow – A deepened green shade, reminiscent of a dark green beautiful forest! 

Lover – A subtle medium brown shade that has tons of sparkles with red and pink hues. Great for the smokey eye look!

I can’t wait to try out the palette in real life! Ladylove was the inspiration for the palette. I liked the name, it’s very fitting for a pride palette.

In Denmark autumn starts with rain from september onward, so this palette is also the perfect transition into autumn.

If you decide you want to try out this palette as well, please tag me on Instagram, so I can see your looks @feedingmyvintageaddiction.

September Rose Cosmetics Slush Palette Review and swatches

slush cover

I have so many eyeshadow that the last thing I need is more eyeshadow. But I wanted this palette from the minute I saw it.

I wanted it mostly because I wanted a bright palette, but also a bright travel palette to complement a neutral palette of single shadows to when I go traveling. And the September Rose Slush palette really inspired me.

The palette is inspired by Slush Drinks or Slush Ice as we call them in Denmark and the eyeshadow shades are named after different Slush flavours. The eyeshadows are cruelty free, vegan and paraben free.

The price was £25 and I paid £10 in shipping to Denmark and the palette arrived 2 days after I ordered it, which is amazing compared to BeautyBay and Feelunique shipping is 2-3 weeks.

The packaging is very pretty! Sturdy cardboard with a good sized mirror. The drawing on the front is amazing and very summery. A perfect match for the vibrant shades in the palette.



I have divided the palette into 5 vertical lines starting with the pink and ending with the purple row.

There are all finger swatches with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden underneath.

vertical pink.jpgpink swatchesNames and descriptions from September Rose Cosmetics:

1. Cotton Candy – Matte Hot Pink
2. Strawberry – Foiled Pink
3. Pink Lemonade – Matte Magenta
4. Cherry Limeade – Matte Cherry Red
5. Sour Cherry – Matte Burgundy

Cotton Candy

This shade is not very pigmented which makes it a very good transition shade. It blends well and is very pretty.


I wouldn’t call this shade a foil, but it is a very lovely shimmer shadow. It works well dry and wet and is well pigmented.

Pink Lemonade

To me this is a hot neon pink. It’s very pigmented and has a lot of kick up. But it picks up well on the brush and blends well. Just tap the brush very lightly in the pan to pick up a small amount. There was a lot of fall out on my face when I used this shade on my eyes. But all of this is to be expected of a neon shade like this, so I’m happy with Pink Lemonade. It works well and is very pretty. I used this shade wet to get full pigmentation on my eyelid.

Cherry Limeade

I would call this shade a cool burgundy. Nicely pigmented matte shade and it blends well. It is similar to Sour Cherry, but cooler in tone. I was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to see the difference in Cherry Limeade and Sour Cherry on the eyes, but you can definitely see the difference in tones.

Sour Cherry

Very similar to Cherry Limeade, but it has a bit more of a satin finish and is more red toned. But equally as good in pigmentation and blendability.

vertical orange.jpg

orange swatches

Names and descriptions from September Rose Cosmetics:

6. Peach Lemonade – Matte Coral
7. Mango – Foiled Peach
8. Orange Soda – Bright Matte Orange
9. Tropical Fruit – Foiled Copper
10. Tiger’s Blood – Matte Red

Peach Lemonade

A lovely soft coral shade that can either be build up or blended out to a lovely peach transition shade.


I would call this a shimmer rather than a foil. But it is gorgeous nevertheless. It looks good enough to eat. Pretty used both dry and wet and well pigmented.

Orange Soda

Beautiful neon orange. It doesn’t have as much kick up as Pink Lemonade. It is so pretty and it blends well. As with Pink Lemonade I used it wet for full pigmentation.

Tropical Fruit

Copper foil. Very pretty and well pigmented. Great used both dry and wet.

Tiger’s Blood

I would say this shade is more of a burnt orange, but it is deliciously pretty and blends well with good pigmentation.

vertical pink

green swatches

Names and descriptions from September Rose Cosmetics:

11. Coconut Milk – Foiled White
12. Banana – Matte Bright Yellow
13. Lemon & Lime – Matte Lime Green
14. Cucumber Lime – Matte Olive Green
15. Sour Apple – Matte Dark Green

Coconut Milk

Gorgeous foiled white creamy deliciousness. Great highlighting shade. I was really surprised by this shade as it looked matte in the pan.


Pretty banana yellow. Can be used as both transition shade and build up to full pigmentation. Blends well.

Lemon & Lime

Pretty fresh lime green. Very similar to Banana in texture, blendability and pigmentation.

Cucumber Lime

Good pigmentation blends well. Very lovely green shade.

Sour Apple

Lovely green shade. Great pigmentation and blends well.

vertical blue.jpg

blue swatches

Names and descriptions from September Rose Cosmetics:

16. Bubblegum – Frosted Icy Iridescent Blue
17. Blue Hawaiian – Satin Powder Blue
18. Blue Lagoon – Foiled Turquoise
19. Blue Raspberry – Matte Electric Blue
20. Blue Curaçao – Matte Royal Blue


Lovely ice blue iridescent shimmer. Soft and pigmented. Good as highlight. In my swatch it looks white, but compared to Coconut Milk, you can clearly see the blue.

Blue Hawaiian

Pretty satin shade, soft texture with good pigmentation.

Blue Lagoon

Amazing turquoise foiled shadow – it is stunning! Buttery soft and pick up and applies great with a brush.

Blue Raspberry

Oh dear! This one wasn’t good. The pigmentation was poor and it blended patchy. I really tried to make this one work, I even tried with a glitter glue under, but the pigmentation was still bad. I tried it wet in hopes that it would work as an eyeliner and it was a fail.

Blue Curaçao

Wonderful and pretty royal blue. In the pan is has a slight silver glitter going through it, but you can’t see the glitter when you use it on the eyes or when swatching it. It is highly pigmented and blends well. This one is amazing wet as an eyeliner as well.

vertical purple.jpg

purple swatches

Names and descriptions from September Rose Cosmetics:

21. Raspberry – Satin Lilac
22. Berry Blast! – Metallic Lavender
23. Grape – Matte Purple
24. Dark Cherry – Matte Bright Purple
25. Black Currant – Matte Dark Purple


Lovely satin shadow. Great for transition shade and can be build up easily. Very pretty colour. Blends well.

Berry Blast!

Prettiest foil in the palette! Best applied with finger. Very pretty with good pigmentation.


Good pigmentation, blends well, nice soft texture.

Dark Cherry

More powdery than Grape and has more kick up, but blends well and has good pigmentation.

Black Currant

Good pigmentation and blends well. Very lovely for a purple smokey eye look.


I love this palette! I only have two things that I wish were different. I wish there was a bright in-your-face red in the palette. I know that a lot of people are scared of bright reds as vegan reds can stain the skin, but I still wish there was one in the palette. The second thing is that I wish Blue Raspberry had better pigmentation. It’s such a pretty shade and it’s a shame that I can’t use it.

Speaking of value for money this palette is a good buy. You get 25 shades for £25 that is a good deal. Quality wise this palette is better than my Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette.

So if you are on the market for a colourful brights palette. I would definitely recommend the September Rose Slush palette.

Mac Snow Ball Mini Lipsticks Kit Review and Swatches

Mac Snow Ball Mini Lipsticks Kit Review and Swatches - 12 brightly coloured lipsticks in a case

This kit was an early Christmas present for myself. I bought it as soon at it was available in the EU and I waited with great excitement for it to arrive.

Until I got the Mac Snow Ball Mini Lipsticks Kit I only had one other MAC lipstick (Hang up). So I wanted to try some more and the Mac Snow Ball Mini Lipsticks Kit seemed like a great way to try a variate of shades without buying full size lipsticks.

2017-11-04 09.23.55_web_TEXT

The shades as descriped on the MAC website:

Party commencing – Clean light neutral pink – matte finish
Little darling – Clean light nude – matte finish
Please me – Muted-rosy-tinted pink – matte finish
Mangrove – Hot bright red – matte finish
Ruby woo – Vivid blue-red – very matte finish
Rebel – Midtonal creme plum – satin finish
Flat out fab – Bright plum – matte finish
Good kisser – Midtone fuchsia – matte finish
Diva – Intense reddish-burgundy – matte finish
Velvet teddy – Deep tone beige – matte finish
Whirl – Dirty rose – matte finish
Stone – Muted greyish taupe brown – matte finish

All the swatches are without lipliner to show the lipstick as it is.



I loved every single lipstick shade. But I would definitely recommend using a lipliner with the brighter and darker shades.

Party commencing is my least favourite. It is white based and the texture is different and less opaque and smooth that the other shades. But I was surprised that I liked the colour. It is a hard shade to pull off. But I really like is with a dark cool-toned eye look.

I love the rest of the shades so much that it is hard for me to pick a favorite. But I think if I had to choose it would be a tie between Ruby Woo and Rebel. I love the colour and longevity of Ruby Woo, but I also love the colour and satin finish of Rebel.

If you don’t own these shades already this collection is a good way to dip your toe into the waters of MAC lipsticks. I am hooked and I have already placed an order for more MAC lipsticks.

One important thing to note is that mini lipsticks are prone to breaking, so be careful when applying them directly from the bullet.

The packaging is stunning and so well designed. Very appropriate for a holiday collection.

Mac Snow Ball Mini Lipsticks Kit Review and Swatches - case with snowflake design and outer plastic protection case

Mac Snow Ball Mini Lipsticks Kit Review and Swatches - detail of MAC logo on case

As a quick disclaimer; I buy all the products on the blog myself and my opinions are completely honest. I don’t do sponsored content and if I decide to do so in the furture, the posts will be clearly labeled and my reviews will still be 100% honest and based my own opinion and experience with the product.





Beauty UK Posh Palette Masquerade Review and Swatches


I bought this palette for my mother-in-law. I have the coolest mother-in-law with a punk rock vibe. She wanted a really black smokey eye look for her mother’s 75th birthday.

The packaging is a sturdy plastic case with a small mirror. Nothing fancy, but it does the job and I like that you can see the eyeshadows through it.


The swatches below are finger swatches over Urban Decay Primer Potion. Unfortunately the eyeshadows don’t have names, so you will get a description of the colors instead.


1. Antique rose shimmer – beautiful color, well pigmented, goes on smoothly.

2. Cream shimmer – well pigmented, goes on smoothly, great as an inner corner highlight.

3. Taupe shimmer – great every day color swept all over the eyelid, well pigmented, goes on smoothly.

4. Very light cream satin– feels dry compared to the others and not as pigmented, my least favourite out of the bunch.

5. Dark grey satin –  not very pigmented, but makes blending a black smokey eye easy for beginners. So for that reason I like it.


6. Cool brown matte – very similar to the dark grey. Not the greatest pigmentation, but very good for smooth blending.

7. Rust shimmer –  beautiful color, well pigmented, goes on smoothly.

8. Warm brown shimmer –  beautiful color, well pigmented, goes on smoothly.

9. Black satin – good pigmentation for a black, not the blackest of blacks, but still very good. It has a very slight shimmer which I like for the purpose of a black smokey eye.

10. Light grey shimmer – well pigmented, goes on smoothly, great as an inner corner highlight.


If you are a beginner and you need a good palette with neutral colors for both everyday and party looks. It’s great quality at this price point. It’s wonderful for an easy smokey eye and has both cooler and warmer colors. So this palette gets a thumbs up!