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I got this lovely Clinique Chubby Stick gift set from a friend for my birthday. I been wanting to try them for a really long time, so I was very happy to receive them.

There are three colours in the gift set: Voluptuous Violet, Pudgy Peony and Two Ton Tomato.

Voluptuous Violet

From left to right: Voluptuous Violet, Pudgy Peony 
and Two Ton Tomato

I feared this shade would be too dark for me, but I was pleasantly surprised! It’s very lightly pigmented so it just gives a hint of berry and gives my lips a really nice colour. I would wear this for a lovely alternative to lip balm. The colour is very subtle and as with all the chubby sticks in this box it moisturises my lips amazingly well.

Pudgy Peony
This was the first colour I gravitated towards when I opened the box. It’s a really lovely pink shade that is not too bright for day and still really good for a party look. I wore this going clubbing with a heavily lined eye and lots of lashes and it looked great. It is the most pigmented one of the three colours.

Two Ton Tomato
It’s a lovely red colour with an bit of an orange tinge to it. I really like it, it gives my lips a fresh look suited for every day and for dressing up – maybe with a bit of lip liner to defines the lips more.

Overall I am impressed with the chubby sticks. They give a nice amount of moisture to my lips which I need as I tend to have dry lips. The colours are great, not too pigmented but still give a nice effect and gives a ‘my lips but better’ look, except for the Pudgy Peony which is more pigmented. I wouldn’t have tried Voluptuous Violet if it wasn’t in the box, because it looks really dark and a little scary to me, but it’s wonderful and sheer.