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Earlier this month I saw a marketing photo of the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette. Although the palette had som nice wearable shades, it didn’t remind me of cherries, but reminded me more of autumn plum shades. I decided to shop my stash and create my own Fantasy Cherry Palette based on what I wished the Urban Decay Cherry Palette would have been. Here is what I came up with:

The pans are photoshopped into round pans of the same size to make it more cohesive. In real life they are different shapes and formulas.

  1. Urban Decay – Sin – Pale nude shimmer
  2. Makeup Geek – Frappé – Medium maple brown with a demi-matte finish
  3. Colourpop – Fortune Cookie – matte vibrant hot red
  4. Nabla – Extravirgin – Olive green shimmer
  5. Colourpop – Fooling around (Super Shock pressed pigment) – Pinky red shimmer with glitter
  6. Urban Decay – Relish – Rich warm red matte
  7. Nabla – Daphne No 2 – Burgundy with blueberry and coppery glow shimmer
  8. MAC – Embark – Intense reddish brown matte
  9. Urban Decay – Blackheart (Naked 3 palette) – smoky black matte with red micro-sparkle

Urban Decay – Sin

When I got my first Urban Decay Naked palette this was my favorite shade in the palette and I first shade I hit pan on. I loved it so much that I went out and bought a single shadow as backup. I still enjoy it and when I go traveling it often comes along in my Z-palette. For a dupe try Makeup Geek – Shimma Shimma Full review on the Urban Decay Naked Palette

Makeup Geek – Frappé

Although the description says demi-matte, I would call this one a matte shade. It has a very slight sheen, but not as much as to call it anything else but matte. It’s one of my favorite basic nudes that are a staple in my collection. Blends well. Good all rounder shade both as crease shade and for a day-to-day light smokey eye.

Colourpop – Fortune Cookie

Really pretty vibrant red with a slight neon pink undertone. It is surprisingly wearable and blends well. Great crease shade for the adventurous type.

Nabla – Extravirgin

Lovely buttery soft olive shimmer. I absolutely love the Nabla shimmer formula in their single shadows and the Nabla Dreamy palette. It’s gorgeous and vibrant and smooth as silk. Love love love. Full review on the Nabla Dreamy Palette.

Colourpop – Fooling around

Stunning red shade but not for the faint hearted. This colour means business! It’s a joy to work with and very pretty on the eyes.

Urban Decay – Relish

Lovely matte red with a slightly brown undertone. Great shade to deepen a look or used for a red smokey eye if you are feeling daring.

Nabla – Daphne No 2

We are now at the cool end of the cherry spectrum. This shade is buttery soft (as I have come to expect from Nabla single shadows. I love this as an all over lid shade blended out with Relish for a statement look, or toned down with Frappé in the crease. Full review on the Nabla Dreamy Palette.

MAC – Embark

This is my favorite dark brown shade. I don’t go on vacation without it in my Z-palette. Great for tight-lining, deepening the outer corner, or even as an eyeliner.

Urban Decay – Blackheart

It’s funny when I reviewed the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, I didn’t like this shade. I didn’t get the glitter particles and the black base scared me. But in the last few years I have become more adventurous in my makeup and ventured into more coloured looks as well as darker looks. So now I actually love Blackheart. To me it seems like a shade that takes some time to appreciate. It looks great smoked out on the lover lash line, but if you dare – try it packed on top of a glitter glue for the full impact of the red glitter. Full review on the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.