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Mac Snow Ball Mini Lipsticks Kit Review and Swatches - 12 brightly coloured lipsticks in a case

This kit was an early Christmas present for myself. I bought it as soon at it was available in the EU and I waited with great excitement for it to arrive.

Until I got the Mac Snow Ball Mini Lipsticks Kit I only had one other MAC lipstick (Hang up). So I wanted to try some more and the Mac Snow Ball Mini Lipsticks Kit seemed like a great way to try a variate of shades without buying full size lipsticks.

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The shades as descriped on the MAC website:

Party commencing – Clean light neutral pink – matte finish
Little darling – Clean light nude – matte finish
Please me – Muted-rosy-tinted pink – matte finish
Mangrove – Hot bright red – matte finish
Ruby woo – Vivid blue-red – very matte finish
Rebel – Midtonal creme plum – satin finish
Flat out fab – Bright plum – matte finish
Good kisser – Midtone fuchsia – matte finish
Diva – Intense reddish-burgundy – matte finish
Velvet teddy – Deep tone beige – matte finish
Whirl – Dirty rose – matte finish
Stone – Muted greyish taupe brown – matte finish

All the swatches are without lipliner to show the lipstick as it is.



I loved every single lipstick shade. But I would definitely recommend using a lipliner with the brighter and darker shades.

Party commencing is my least favourite. It is white based and the texture is different and less opaque and smooth that the other shades. But I was surprised that I liked the colour. It is a hard shade to pull off. But I really like is with a dark cool-toned eye look.

I love the rest of the shades so much that it is hard for me to pick a favorite. But I think if I had to choose it would be a tie between Ruby Woo and Rebel. I love the colour and longevity of Ruby Woo, but I also love the colour and satin finish of Rebel.

If you don’t own these shades already this collection is a good way to dip your toe into the waters of MAC lipsticks. I am hooked and I have already placed an order for more MAC lipsticks.

One important thing to note is that mini lipsticks are prone to breaking, so be careful when applying them directly from the bullet.

The packaging is stunning and so well designed. Very appropriate for a holiday collection.

Mac Snow Ball Mini Lipsticks Kit Review and Swatches - case with snowflake design and outer plastic protection case

Mac Snow Ball Mini Lipsticks Kit Review and Swatches - detail of MAC logo on case

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