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2016-04-28 12.14.26

I bought this palette because A Model Recommends showed it on her blog and she raved about the shade Super Gold and that she would pay £10 just for that one shade. So I excitedly hurried on to the Makeup Revolution website and ordered the palette.

Makeup Revolution made this palette in collaboration with British Beauty Blogger and they describe the palette as follows:

“Thirty shades of matte, glimmer and sheen combine in one golden palette for an every which-way smoky eye. From the lightest of brightening base colours to the darkest, most daring shades of navy, black and green and everything in between, Fortune is the most versatile, every-age, every-tone palette yet.”

2016-04-28 12.13.09

There is a youtube video at the end of this post that sums up my result.

I waited for it like a child waiting for christmas, and it finally arrived. I immediately posted this picture on Instagram saying “This beauty was waiting in the mailbox for me when I got home from work”. And it is indeed a beauty.


But then I noticed the smell! A really strong chemical smell like glue or paint. It was really strong, in fact so strong I got a headache. I sort of put me off using it, but I thought I would give it a good swatch before making up my mind. And when I did, my heart sank. It seemed like about one third of the palette wasn’t up to par, and I left it on my vanity table and slowly reconciled myself with the fact that I was probably newer going to use this palette.

I has laid on my vanity table of about 2 weeks now and to be fair it doesn’t smell as strongly anymore. It still has somewhat of a smell, but I think it’s just the smell of eyeshadow now. The strong chemical smell is gone.

I have watched a lot of reviews online and it seems like hardly anyone is swatching this palette. They all speak of how beautiful it looks, and it does look stunning, but no-one is taking about the actual quality of the pigments. So it prompted me to give an honest and fair review on the palette.

Underneath I have swatches all the shades on clean skin with no primer.


1. Glimmer – Nude with a satin finish – very pretty as a all over lid shade, sheer but can be built up to a good coverage.

2. Buffer – Matte light to mid pinkish brown – good transition shade, is a bit sheer, but can be built up to a good coverage.

3. Peachy* – Peach with satin finish – very pretty color, the pigmentation is not great.

4. Hope – Mid brown metallic – lovely creamy texture with good pigmentation.

5. Fortune – Bronze metallic – very pretty color with good pigmentation.

6. Skylight* – Mid blue with gold running through satin finish – very pretty, but unfortunately the pigmentation isn’t good.

7. Transformer (baked)- Looks navy in the pan but translated more dark teal on my skin – very nice color with ok pigmentation. A lot of fall out though.

8. Midnight Rainbow* – Dark blue shimmer – pretty color but badly pigmented.


9. Ice Cloud – White shimmer – very pretty and very icy white, creamy texture and good pigmentation.

10. Golden Coins (baked) – Metallic gold / copper – feels a little powdery but good pigmentation.

11. Cashmere – Satin taupe – nice creamy texture with good pigmentation.

12. Tip Top* – Matte khaki / light olive green – dry texture and hardly any color payoff

13. Yes Please – Golden khaki with satin finish – creamy with good pigmentation

14. Green Machine* – Dusty green shimmer – sheer and powdery

15. Smoothie* – Matte bottle green – powdery and hardly any color payoff.

16. Caffeine Fix – Matte mid brown – creamy with good pigmentation

17. Latte* – Matte light brown – dry and powdery with poor pigmentation.

18. Pink Diamond – Light pink shimmer – dry and gritty, the color is very pretty, but a little patchy.

19. Creme* – Matte creme – hard and dry, went on patchy

20. Drama Queen* – Matte maroon color – dry and powdery, uneven pigmentation and fall out.

21. Lonely Planet* (baked) – Dark purple with red shimmer running through – dry and powdery with poor pigmentation.

22. Blacqua* – Matte black – dry and powdery with uneven and sheer pigmentation.


23. Soft – Matte light cream – a little dry, but ok pigmentation.

24. New World (baked) – cream shimmer – somewhat dry, looks good but slightly uneven.

25. Favour – dusty rose shimmer – dry texture, but looks great, good pigmentation.

26. Sunset Hour -rose gold – very creamy and looks amazing.

27. Super Gold (baked) – copper shimmer – a little dry but looks great.

28. Winning* – Matte dark purple – dry and uneven with fallout.

29. Brave* – Dark purple shimmer – dry and sheer.

30. The Revolution* – Black/very dark purple with red micro glitter – super creamy texture but badly pigmented.

I wanted to give the shades with the bad result another chance, so the once that performed badly (marked with *) were tested again with primer and sponge applicator.


3. Peachy* – performed well and looks great with primer and sponge applicator.


6. Skylight* – performed well and looks great with primer and sponge applicator.

8. Midnight Rainbow* –  performed well and looks great with primer and sponge applicator.

12. Tip Top* – performed ok (just ok) with primer and sponge applicator.

14. Green Machine* – performed well and looks very pretty with primer and sponge applicator.

15. Smoothie* – performed badly with primer and sponge applicator.

17. Latte* – performed well and looks ok with primer and sponge applicator.


19. Creme* – performed well and looks good and can be build up with primer and sponge applicator.

20. Drama Queen* – performed well and looks very nice with primer and sponge applicator.

21. Lonely Planet* (baked) – performed well and looks pretty and opaque with primer and sponge applicator.

22. Blacqua* – performed well and looks lovely with primer and sponge applicator.

28. Winning* – performed ok but still a little dry and looks good with primer and sponge applicator.

29. Brave* – performed ok, but with a lot of fall out and looks great with primer and sponge applicator.

30. The Revolution* – performed so so, a lot of fall out and and still sheer with primer and sponge applicator.


Out of the initial swatching of the 30 shades 14 performed badly. The 14 were then swatched again with eyeshadow primer and a sponge applicator to give them the best chance of performing well.  Out of the 14, 13 passed, some barely and the shade Smoothie failed badly.

So it comes down to whether or not you mind using a sponge applicator or if you are more of a brush person. I personally prefer using brushes, so this palette is not one that I would grab on a daily basis.

Hope, Fortune, Golden Coins, Sunset Hour, Favour, and Super Gold are all gorgeous shades, but are very similar in color and finish. But none the less very pretty. In fact most of the shades are pretty, but some lack in pigmentation.

Is it worth £10? – probably, but I would personally prefer a palette with fewer but better quality shadows, but I don’t mind paying extra for a good quality palette. I have Sleek palettes that are better quality at around the same price point. You don’t get as many different shades in the Sleek palette though.

I did the look for the youtube video using the shades: Favour, Caffeine Fix, Latte, Creme, Winning, and Blacqua. I spent about double the time doing this makeup look because the shadows worked against me rather that with me. So I’m probable not going to reach for this palette a lot. I wanted to like it, but unfortunately I don’t.