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2016-03-25 13.22.11

Santa Marina Blush by 3 Palette is part of the Nautical Collection which is a limited edition, but still available on the Sleek website.

The packaging is really cute. The blushes come in the standard Blush by 3 Palette, which is a matte black sturdy but slim plastic case. But this also comes in a cardboard box designed to fit the nautical theme of this limited edition. So cute!

2016-03-25 13.22.45.png

It contains 3 blush shades; Calypso Island, Phoenix Sand, and Coral Dune. Two of the shades are matte and one has a shimmer finish.

2016-03-25 13.23.49

Before we get on to the shades, I need to say that my winter pale skin is way too light for this palette. I am pretty sure that this one is meant for a summer tan. That said there are the shade descriptions:

Calypso Island – described on the website as a coral, but to me it’s more of a maroon with a warm shimmer. It it way too dark for my skin tone now. But I can imagine it looking gorgeous if you have a tan or a darker skin tone. I’m sure it would enhance and warm up darker skin. I will try this in the summer with a fake tan. I think it will give a “I had a little too much sun” look if used on the cheekbones.

Phoenix Sand Рa matte sand color. On me this shade just blends in and becomes invisible. But I can imagine this being used as a matte highlight, which is very on trend this year.

Coral dune – a bright matte coral. This shade looks very bright in the palette. But it isn’t as pigmented as it looks, which makes it very blendable and wearable. This is the only shade I can wear at the moment with my skin being this fair. Coral Dune has a slightly more powdery finish to the touch than the other two shades.

2016-03-25 14.37.012

Despite this palette not really suiting my winter skin, I still like it. I think this would look amazing on a darker skin tone or on someone with a tan. Calypso Island can be used to enhance a tan, Phoenix Sand as a subtle matte highlight, and Coral Dune as a pop of color on the apples of the cheeks.

As always Sleek blushes are really good value for money, so even though I can only use Coral Dune at the moment I’m pretty happy. I hope that with a fake tan in the summer, I’ll be able to use at least Calypso Island as well.