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I’ve had this palette for almost a year, but I have not gotten around to writing about it yet. So now is the time to swatch and review the palette. The photos were taken back in November 2017 when the palette was new – it has seen it’s fair share of use since.

Let start with the packaging. It is stunning so pretty and well thought out. It makes by graphic designer heart jump with joy.

Both the outer sleeve and the palette itself has a night sky theme. Both are beautifully designed and an expensive feel.

The palette itself is in a sturdy cardboard box with a good sized mirror.

I’m usually the kind of person that depots with eyeshadow palettets but I haven’t done that with this one because it is so pretty.

Now let’s get to the exiting bit and review and swatch some eyeshadows (shade descriptions are from the Nabla website):


  1. Immaculate – White duochrome highlight with gold reflects. Fluid Metal.
  2. Illusion – Light-medium neutral brown. Super Matte.
  3. Vanitas – Peachy-pink duochrome with golden reflects. Fluid Metal.
  4. Delirium – Burnt purple-brown with fuchsia, blue and purple micro-sparkles. Just Pearl.
  5. Byzantine – Intense warm pure gold. Fluid Metal.
  6. Sistina – Medium rose sienna. Super Matte.
  7. Metal Cupid – Strawberry bronze. Fluid Metal.
  8. Inception – Mauve duochrome with chestnut base and bright lilac reflects. Fluid Metal.
  9. Señorita – Intense cool-toned red. Super Matte.
  10. Rose Gold – Rose gold. Fluid Metal.
  11. Lullaby – Medium mauve. Super Matte.
  12. Dogma – Intense dark brown. Super Matte.


Beautiful, buttery soft metallic shade that is gorgeous on the skin. It reminds me of Natasha Denona Aura, which I also have, and it measures up in quality, look and feel.


The softness of the matte shades from Nabla continue to blow my mind. They are so smooth and a pleasure to work with. Good neutral brown shade for crease work or as an all over lid shade.


Perfection! That’s all I can say really. It is smooth and buttery and goes on with such intensity. It’s unapologetic metallic like I’ve rarely seen in other palettes.


This shade was the reason I bought the palette. It just spoke to me! It is a gorgeous alternative to a smokey eye for a night out. The micro-sparkles catch the light in the prettiest way.


The most expensive looking antique gold – the name is perfect for this shade. It really reminds me of Byzantine art. The ways this eyeshadow foils is amazing – the shine, the smoothness – everything is perfection!


Lovely warm crease / blending shade. It has the same smoothness as all the mattes the Nabla Dreamy palette and like all the other mattes it has great pigmentation and blendability.

Metal Cupid

Strawberry bronze is the perfect description for this palette. This the other fluid metal shades in the palette this one is smooth and in-your-face-metallic. Gorgeous!


Another stunning fluid metal shade. Very pretty duochrome effect from brown to lilac. This is a purple that you can wear to work and on a night out as well. It is versatile and beautiful and just as good as the other fluid metals in the palette.


Lovely red shade. Soft and buttery with great pigmentation. I feel like I’m repeating myself at this point. But all the shade in the Nabla Dreamy palette are amazing.

Rose Gold

Similar to Metal Cupid in look and texture, but not as berry. It’s is a true rose gold. Very pretty.


Lovely cool crease / blending shade. Same lovely quality and pigmentation as all the other mattes.


It is exactly what the description says: intense brown. Great for deepening the outer V and for tight lining. Lovely pigmentation and good blendability. 


I can’t say enough good things about this palette. It is simply amazing and I recommend it with my whole heart. The quality is amazing and compares to my (good) Natasha Denona eyeshadows.

This was my first order from Nabla and I’ve since orderen more single shadows for my collection.

And just to clarify, I bought this palette myself. No PR, just genuine love for a good eyeshadow palette.