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I own quite a few Sleek blushes. And this is one of the palettes. Sleek Californ.I.A stands out from my other Sleek blush palettes because it is and call cream palette.

The blushes come in the standard Blush by 3 Palette, which is a matte black sturdy but slim plastic case.

It contains 3 blush shades; Newport Peach, The Surf, and OC. Two of the shades are shimmers and one has a matte finish. All of the shades are in a cream formula.


Newport Peach – a lovely peach coral with a pink undertone and slight shimmer.

The Surf – light peach with gold shimmer.

OC – Matte coral with a warm undertone.


All of the shades have a lovely cream texture. OC is by far my favourite out of the three shades. OC is well pigmented and goes on like a dream. Newport Peach is nice, but goes on just slightly patchy, but can easily be blended out to an even finish. The shimmer in Newport Peach isn’t very noticeable on the skin. The Surf is my least favourite. Unfortunately it goes on patchy and in my opinion has too much glitter in the formula. The Surf goes on patchy and is hard to blend out to an even finish. The Surf is also and least pigmented out of the three shades.

As I mentioned earlier this palette is very different from the other Sleek Blush By 3 palettes because it contain creams only. I like the fact that it is all cream, but I wish that The Surf had better pigmentation and less glitter. Otherwise it is a great blush palette and great value for the price.