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I did a review and swatches on the blush palette Santa Marina (here) in the Sleek Nautical Collection last week, so I thought i was only fitting to do a review and swatches of the eyeshadow palette as well. The palette is called Calm Before the Storm and is a limited edition, but still available on the Sleek website.

2016-03-25 13.22.11

If you have read the review on the blush palette you will know that this collection comes in a very cute cardboard box in line with the nautical theme on the limited edition.

2016-03-25 13.28.34

The packaging inside the cardboard box is your standard black plastic case that all of the Sleek makeup palettes are housed in but this one has the name written on the top of the case. I really like that the name is clearly written on the top as I have a few Sleek palettes and I keep them in the cardboard boxes because they are impossible to tell apart without opening them otherwise. So props to Sleek for doing that!

This palette is based on a nautical theme so needless to say a lot of blues and greens. So if you are a neutrals kind of person, this palette is not for you. But if you feel like adding some color to your spring / summer makeup then keep reading.

2016-03-25 13.25.28

2016-03-25 13.26.19

Here are the swatches and a short description of each shade:

1 til 6

1. Starboard – White / very light grey pearl shimmer – lovely creamy texture, good pigmentation, perfect for a highlight.

2. Voyage – Matte terracotta with silver micro glitter – feels a little dry, but has good pigmentation. I’m not a big fan of the silver glitter though, I think I would have liked it better with a warm toned glitter.

3. Pacific – Matte cobalt blue – feels nice, but not very pigmented without a primer but ok with primer. I would highly recommend a primer as it can stain the skin.

4. Caesium – Light blue with silver micro glitter – a little dry, but still soft to the touch. Pigmentation is not great, but builds up nicely.

5. Amphitrite – Electric blue shimmer – really pretty, soft to the touch with good pigmentation.

6. Sovereign – Dark blue shimmer – similar in texture to Amphitrite, also really pretty.

7 til 12

7. Ahoy! – Pearly light taupe – very soft and buttery – I’m loving this shade.

8. Barque – Matte mid brown – feels soft and with good pigmentation. Very good transition color.

9. Adrift – Matte cool toned mid to dark brown – very similar in texture and pigmentation to Barque. Great for the crease.

10. Seaweed – bright turquoise shimmer (very mermaid) – soft to the touch with good pigmentation.

11. Navy Shower – dark dusty aqua with silver micro glitter – would feel soft if it wasn’t for the glitter particles. It is somewhat of a lack lustre color compared to the other colors, but it’s nice and pigmentations is fine.

12. Lagoon – Matte teal – the texture is soft, but the pigmentation isn’t great but buildable. Very pretty color. I thought this would do well as an eyeliner with a wet brush, but it didn’t work well. It goes on uneven and is very hard to blend.


I bought this palette because I wanted some blue eyeshadows for the summer, but I didn’t want to pay a fortune buying individual MAC or Urban Decay shadow that I might just only use this season.

My least favorite shades are Voyage, Caesium and Navy Shower, I’m just not a big fan of glitter in my shadows. I prefer to add glitter myself if I feel like having a glitter dag. And I’m not liking the colors of Voyage and Navy Shower. They aren’t that great for my skin tone. I would have liked Caesium if it wasn’t for the poor pigmentation.

The shades I have used the most are Barque and Adrift, because they are just really good all round colors. I plan on using the blues and greens more, but winter has hung on until a few days ago here in Denmark, so I haven’t felt like sporting bright summer shades yet. But I think I will very soon.

I think this palette is great if you like me just want a pop of blues and greens for summer. It’s great value for money and for the most part the pigmentation is good. Some of the shades can be a little hard to blend, so I will most likely use the bright shades as an accent or liner.