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H&M Nail Polish Review – Come Along with Me

I was in H&M buying some basic strappy tops and waiting to pay at the till I saw some nail polish on sale for only 10kr. (around £1). I simply couldn’t pass them without buying one (read two).

I got the colours Come Along with Me and Car Paint Purple. The first is a really nice teal and the other looked dark blue in the shop, but turned out to be more purple than blue.

I tried on the teal one. It’s a little more runny than I’m used to. I usually buy Essie nail polish, so I was exited to see if a nail polish one tenth of the price would hold up just as well.

Apart from being a little more runny it was ok to apply and took two coats to get an even coat. It lasted a day and a half and then started chipping. But I’m not the most careful person, so I tend to ruing my nail polish fast, so it’s an acceptable amount of time for me.

All in all, I was satisfied with how this polish performed. What more can you expect for that price really.