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In celebration of spring – Bright nails

The sun is starting to shine here in Denmark and spring is here! I felt like bright coloured nails when I woke up this morning to celebrate that summer is just around the corner (that might be a bit on the optimistic side considering where I live).

Looking through my nail polish stash I was drawn to Camera by Essie. As my friends know, I have a slight addiction to nail polish – especially Essie, so there was definitely a lot of different colours to choose from. But I’m going out for coffee with a friend tomorrow and I’ll be wearing a dark grey cardigan, so the bright neon pinky orange will give a nice contrast.

I love the colour of Camera. It’s a lot more pink in the bottle than it is once it’s on. You need about three coats to get the colour even and opaque. And the first coat is much more pink than the end result. After three it is much more of a slightly pink toned orange.

The only thing I don’t like so much about this polish is that it takes three coats. I’m notorious for getting impatient when doing my nails, and this takes a little while longer to do. But the colour is well worth the weight.

I predict that I will wear this a lot this spring and summer when I’m wearing clothes that is less sparkly than my personality allows.

Next step for me on the journey to bright colours is to start wearing lipstick. I always get slightly paranoid about lipstick on my teeth when wearing it, so I rarely do. That has to change this season!