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I have two shades of lipsticks from Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipstick collection. I know this review is a bit late, but I felt like my blog was very Urban Decay heavy when I bought the lipsticks, so I didn’t want to make it seem like the blog was obsessed or sponsored by Urban Decay. So I let the review sit in my draft section for a while. But here it is at last.

The collection is a limited edition made for Gwen Stefani and is available in 8 shades of which 2 of them is only available in the UD website.

Ex-Girlfriend – sheer nude-rose with pink shimmer
714 – Bright red mega matte
Firebird – Deep fuchsia cream with slight blue shift (in this review)
Rock Steady – Deep wine red cream (in this review)
Spiderweb – Satin red cream
Wonderland – Dark pink-red cream
Phone call – Sheer bright pink (only available on UD)
Plaid – Sheer deep berry (only available on UD)

I’ve just checked online and the lipsticks although limited edition are still available in Denmark and the UK. But the all the Gwen Stefani shades are relaunched in the new Vice lipsticks.

As mentioned above I have the shades Firebird and Rock Steady with matching lipliners.

The packaging

2016-03-06 12.38.31

2016-03-06 12.45.26

The packaging is very stunning. Both lipstick and lipliner come on a white and gold cardboard box that is very classy and sleek with the name and color on the box.

The actual product packaging which mirrors the cardboard outer box but is black and gold and still as sleek and stylish as before. On a practical note the color of the lipstick is clearly marked with color and name on the bottom to tell them apart and the lipliners have the color on the bottom for the liner as well as the name.

2016-03-06 12.40.36


Firebird was a shade that I fell in love with at first glance. It is so pretty and I love the slight blue shift. I think this is the prettiest lipstick I own, but not really an everyday shade by Danish standards unfortunately, so I don’t wear it to work, but I do wear it when the opportunity comes along.

Both lipsticks have a cream formula and feel lovely on the lips. They both last well and with prolonged staying power with they are used with the lipliner.

2016-03-06 12.47.50


Firebird – lipliner only


Firebird – lips lined with lipliner and lipstick on top

Rock Steady

I was a little more confused about what red shade to get. The collection is heavy on the red side of life, but that is to be expected when the collection is made for Gwen Stefani. I swatched all of the red shades in the store and was torn between 714 and Rock Steady. I decided on Rock Steady as I felt 714 was very dry and matte and I felt like I had to drag it across my lips. Rock Steady was smooth and glided on great as I would expect from a cream.

2016-03-06 12.42.302016-03-06 12.43.45


Rock Steady – lipliner only


Rock Steady – lips lined with lipliner and lipstick on top


Firebird – lips lined with lipliner, lipstick with Brickhouse Revolution Lipgloss on top

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This post is not sponsored. All products on the blog are paid for by myself and my opinion is 100% honest.